Neve and Blue listen to the dead in a churchyard. (St. Mark’s Eve, April 24)

17675462. sy475 “For most people, St. Mark’s Day came and went without note.  It wasn’t a school holiday. No presents were exchanged.  There were no costumes or festivals. There were no St. Mark’s Day sales, no St. Mark’s Day cards in the store racks, no special television programs that aired only once a year.  No one marked April 25 on their calendar.  In fact, most of the living were unaware that St. Mark even had a day named in his honor.

But the dead remembered.”

In this amazing book (number one in a series!), a family of psychics traditionally spends St. Mark’s Eve in a graveyard, listening to the voices of people who will die in the coming year in their town.  Blue–who is the only non-psychic in the family–is delegated to note-taker …until this one St. Mark’s Eve when she alone can hear the voice of a particular boy from the local prep school.

Seriously, this series is incredible. Go read it now!

How to Commemorate

  • Sit in a graveyard at night, listening for the dead.
  • Wear raven insignia (Ravenclaw will suffice, if you must).
  • Get a tarot card reading. Or read them for others, you know, if you’re psychic.


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