Nothing happened, and it keeps happening. Or, everything happens at once and it won’t ever stop. (22 April)

Image result for doctor who lake silencio There are points in time that cannot be changed no matter how we try to avoid them. Once such fixed point was the death of The Doctor at Lake Silencio on April 22, 2011, (S6:E13) but by choosing not to end his life, River Song caused a temporal paradox. When asked, later, to explain what happened, The Doctor said this:

“Nothing happened. And then it kept happening. Or, if you prefer, everything happened at once, and it won’t ever stop. Time is dying. It’s going to be 5:02 in the afternoon for all eternity. A needle stuck on a record.”

How to Commemorate:

  • Dress in space clothes.
  • Visit a lake and have a picnic (preferably, don’t let someone die).
  • Wear a cowboy hat.
  • Use anachronisms. (Light a candle to see your laptop keyboard. Navigate to a historical marker by using GPS. Make a phone call from your smartphone.)

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