Basement Week: Assistant Mayor Bellweather gives info to Officer Hopps and Nick Wilde. (Zootopia)

Powerful people are sent to basements.  So to give hope to those us who live/work in them, we are featuring some inspiring basement-dwellers.
Yeah, I took my grandkids to see Zootopia back when it was in theaters. Cartoons aren’t normally my thing, but I really liked that one. Even though it seemed so far out with all those different animals living in different zones of the city, it was somehow believable.
(Hang on, the English major is telling me that’s something about suspension of disbelief and plot cohesion. If that means something to you, there it is.)
Anyway there’s that one scene where the assistant mayor sheep (Bellweather) takes them down to her office in the basement to give them information, and I leaned down to the grandkids and said “Yup, look out for that one.”  Just saying.
How to Commemorate:
  • Visit parts of town you don’t normally go to.
  • Eat carrots and/or popsicles.
  • Get a pet. (Ok, maybe just volunteer at a shelter or something.)
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