Basement Week: Tina is demoted to the MACUSA Wand Permit Office. (Fantastic Beasts)

Powerful people are sent to basements.  So to give hope to those us who live/work in them, we are featuring some inspiring basement-dwellers.

Image result for fantastic beasts, tina goldsteinTina Goldstein was an up-and-coming auror when she ruffled the feathers of MACUSA by assaulting a No-Maj who was beating that poor Second Salem boy. Then Tina was reassigned to the lowly basement of the Federal Wand Permit Office.

How to Commemorate:

  • Make sure you know the location of your wand permit.
  • Bake pastries shaped like your favorite beasts. (Making hot dogs is an acceptable substitute for the non-baking-inclined.)
  • Befriend a No-Maj.

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