Sam Becket leaps home for Thanksgiving. (Nov 25, 1969)

Happy Almost Thanksgiving! One of my favorite Thanksgiving scenes of all time is the one from Quantum Leap. In Season 3, episode 1, Sam Beckett–who is always bounced around into other people’s bodies in different times and places to set right what once went wrong–finally leaps into his own younger self. His 1969 self is in high school, about to celebrate Thanksgiving. As much as Sam enjoys having this time in his childhood back, he also wants to save his family members from the decisions that will tear them apart in the future. But if he does that, he’ll be changing his own timeline (which we all know is a temporal no-no).

Anyway, I really love the scene where the whole family has Thanksgiving dinner at the farm. It has an almost Norman Rockwell quality to it, and it seems to encourage us to savor the beauty and intimacy in these family moments. I know these days we’re supposed to say how holidays make us crazy by forcing us to spend time with relatives, but come on. There’s going to come a time when we wish we could have this back. Enjoy it while you can.  Love them while you can. Set things right before they go wrong.

How to Commemorate

  • Have Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Hug all of your family members.
  • Maybe play basketball. Bonus points for using a hook shot.

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