Pirate Week: Treasure Island.

As much as some of us around here at Fictional Almanac think of The Goonies as their go-to pirate story (you know who you are!), the more literate of us hold up Treasure Island. This is the literally classic tale of a boy who finds a map and a journal and goes in search of buried pirate booty. Besides being an adventurous tale with loads of colorful details, the story was one of the earliest ones to provide a sense of complicated morality in children’s literature. Hello, Long John Silver. Anyway, this is a book for the ages. Of all ages.  You know.

(And, yes, we say book even though it’s been made into a bajillion movie versions.)

How to Commemorate:

  • Read from the book.
  • Watch one of the adaptions (We suggest Muppet Treasure Island and Treasure Planet.)
  • Look for buried treasure. (Again, there’s plenty out there!)


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Treasure Island

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