First Contact Day (April 5, 2063)

On April 5, 2063, Vulcans make first contact with humans near Bozeman, Montana. This encounter was triggered by the first warp flight, achieved by Zefram Cochran.

For such a pivotal event, First Contact Day isn’t discussed much in the Trek universe. The movie Star Trek: First Contact and Voyager: Homestead (S7:E23) are almost the only references until the more recent Picard storyline. See Memory Alpha for more information.

How to Commemorate:

  • Give children the day off from school (as Captain Janeway observed it)
  • Eat cheese pierogies (Cochran’s favorite food)
  • Listen to rock and roll (Cochran’s favorite music), preferably on a juke box
  • Say “Live long and prosper” as a casual salutation
  • Drive really fast (but safely) because …warp drive!
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