Vianne and Anouk arrive in Lansquenet and open a chocolaterie.

Chocolat sheet.jpgSingle mom Vianne brings her six-year-old daughter to move into a small French just before the beginning of Lent.  They set up shop across the street from the local church in this deeply religious town, selling the one thing that categorically makes all of life better–chocolate! But the townspeople are told to give up chocolate for Lent! Tragedy ensues! (Did I mention the forbidden chocolate?!)
Ok, despite the epic loss of chocolate (well, really, its epic victory), this movie is a terrific testimony to the power of embrace over exclusion, and creating a community that makes a home for outsiders whether they choose to stay or not.

How to Commemorate

  • Eat chocolate.
  • Make chocolate.
  • Chocolate!!
**This movie is also great for Easter. Just saying. It gets Lent coming and going.
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