An invisible man arrives at Iping Village (Feb 9)

Image result for invisible man cover wellsIt is during a blistery snowstorm that a mysterious man completely covered in coats and bandages arrives at the inn in the village of Iping, acting gruffly and demanding to be left alone. The man continues to act bizarrely, becoming the talk of the town. Eventually small thefts begin to occur and the man–Griffin–reveals his invisibility during a fit of temper with his landlady. Griffin flees to the downs for refuge where he… well, you should really read the book for yourself. It’s a classic and a short one at that.

How to Commemorate

  • Hold a council to decide what you would do if you became invisible. (Skip over visiting locker rooms. They’re a given.)
  • Discuss how you would combat an invisible opponent.
  • Visit an old friend from school.

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The Invisible Man (H.G. Wells)
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