It’s not Christmas till somebody gets stabbed.

slayThere’s a lot of turmoil during the holidays, and you can get so stressed that you want to stab someone. Or maybe that’s just me.  Sometimes you need to take a break from the Yuletide cheer and settle in for a cathartic horror movie.  Seasonally (in)appropriate ones that I would watch again are:

There is not much out there that would get me to watch 1997’s Jack Frost again.  It doesn’t achieve the cathartic thing so much as it induces strong feelings of ick. Serial killer reincarnated as a snowman. Yep. Ick.

How to Commemorate:

  • Map the locations of all the knives in your house. And maybe stash one in your bedroom.
  • Turn the heat way up and wear skimpy clothes. (Turning up heat, optional.)
  • You know how people dress as a scarecrow at Halloween and sit still on the porch waiting to scare trick-or-treaters? Do that but with a Santa costume and carol singers.

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