Lost Day (April 8)

Lost - The Complete First SeasonAs a part of the mythology involved in the TV show Lost, a sequence of numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42) occurs in various episodes, most notably on Hurley’s lottery ticket.  Today’s date uses the first two numbers in the series.  Of course, it was a super big deal in 2015 at 16:23 in the afternoon.  But the numbers have lots more meaning, that I can’t mention without spoilers.  So, just …yay, Lost!

(And just as a point of curiosity, in England and other places where dates are listed with the day THEN the month, is Lost Day on August 4th where you are?  Our best guess is that it’s an American show, so we get dibs on the timing schema, but still. We’d love to know!)
How to Commemorate:

  • Stay close to home (to avoid getting lost)
  • Get a bucket of chicken
  • For God’s sake, buy a lottery ticket!

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