Appreciate a Dragon Day

dragon.jpgSince it is Appreciate a Dragon Day, here are some of our favorites and where you can find them.

  1. Falcor (The Never-Ending Story). If your dog could fly and have an old man voice, he would be Falcor. Who wouldn’t want that?
  2. Smaug (The Hobbit). Your basic bitch dragon. Huge. Breathes flames. Hordes gold.
  3. Mushu (Mulan). Because all dragons should give wisecracks.
  4. Toothless (How to Train a Dragon). Just, yes.
  5. Samaranth (Here There be Dragons). One of the oldest dragons in the Archipelago of Dreams. Will give you loads of great advice as long as you stay for tea.
  6. Seraphina (in Seraphina by Rachel Hartman). Ok, she is technically half dragon, but that still counts. The other dragons are cool too.
  7. Kai (The Invisible Library). Irene is a spy for the interdimensional Library, retrieving books from various alternate worlds. (And she encounters a dragon.)
  8. Julius (Nice Dragons Finish Last). Smallest dragon in a man-suit in the Heartstriker clan in a magical Detroit.