The client rings Nero Wolfe’s doorbell. (Jan 5)

Image result for nero wolfe doorbell rangDo you ever feel like the government might be getting a little too nosy?  This book might be for you.

The Doorbell Rang is a novel by Rex Stout featuring famed private detective Nero Wolfe who, in this case, goes head-to-head with the FBI and J.Edgar himself. The book came out in 1965 when the FBI (and ol’ Edgar) were in a lot of hot water for all their snooping and record-keeping about national figures, so when a wealthy socialite rings Wolfe’s doorbell and asks to hire him to investigate the FBI, we know it’s going to be an epic clash of minds.

A word about Wolfe–he is one of the best fictional detectives you will ever encounter. He’s a fat genius who tends orchids on the roof of his brownstone townhouse in New York, employs a French chef, and never leaves the house on business. Instead, Archie Goodwin (who narrates all the stories) serves as Wolfe’s man of action–running around NYC to track down witnesses, connive people into revealing clues, and giving the occasional rough-up to a tough guy. These books are BRILLIANT stories with that old-school detective voice and colorful, realistic characters and a mystery you can try to solve for yourself. Pick some up today. (Or watch the A&E series which is also amazing).

How to Commemorate

  • Ring every doorbell you pass.
  • Shout “Phooey!” (Flummery is also acceptable.)
  • Drink a glass of milk (for Archie).

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