Don Pedro and friends arrive at the home of Signior Leonato. (6 July)

Image result for much ado about nothing gifsAfter much fighting in war, Don Pedro and his team of allies return home to visit his friend Signior Leonato. Don Pedro brings Benedick and Leonato has Beatrice in residence, two individuals who have their own sort of merry war betwixt them. They never meet but there is a skirmish of wit between them (Act 1, scene 1). Add a brooding brother with sneaky plans, another soldier falling in love with Leonato’s daughter Hero, disguises, mistaken identity, love traps, and a bumbling law enforcement officer, and you have a really fun story. From Shakespeare.

How to Commemorate

  • Banter. LOTS of banter.
  • Eat a heart in the marketplace.
  • Wear a disguise.
  • Be vigitant.
  • Consider falling in love with a rival.

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