Darklings try to spread midnight over an entire day (Oct 31) .

Blue Noon Coverart - Scott Westerfeld.jpgThe Midnighters series is set in a small Oklahoma town where these few special teens can experience a hidden hour at the end of every day. At midnight clocks stop and everyone freezes, everyone except these four teenagers …and the dark creatures that live in the secret hour! Duh duh duuuuh!!

Well, in the third book, midnight starts to break out at other times during the day, and it will push out more and more until it breaks out completely on Samhain (Halloween for you moderns) and the darklings are free to feast on the human scum!!

(PS–I have like zero idea why this series by Scott Westerfeld that hasn’t become very popular! It’s super imaginative and gripping, and this is the best conclusion to a series EVAH!)

How to Commemorate:

  • Stay up till midnight.
  • Wear blue (the more, the better).
  • Use tridecalogisms (13-letter words) in casual conversation. (Bonus points for using 3 at a time. My fav combo is lethargically anticlimactic nefariousness, but you can find more at Dess’s page.

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