Judgment Day (August 29, 1997)

Happy anniversary of when the machines tried to wipe out humanity. Or in the words of John Connor: “On August 29, 1997, Skynet woke up and decided that all humanity was a threat to its existence.” In true sci-fi fashion, nuclear holocaust ensued.

So Terminator is a pretty good franchise, right? I mean, I’m not saying every movie was gold (ahem, T3!), but they’re usually pretty good about dealing with at least some thematic elements of what it is to be human or to be in control. Plus there’s the Christ imagery. John Connor (like another J.C.) is the last best hope for humanity in an ongoing desperate war, and his mother is like the madonna. Just saying. There’s something else… What is it…? Oh, right. The movies totally kick ass–especially T2 and Genisys (with a certain Game of Thrones star), in my humble opinion.

How to Commemorate*

  • Do not let any machines make decisions for you! Not even Siri or Alexa!
  • Stay off the grid.
  • Refuse any job offers from Cyberdyne.
  • Plan your escape/survival in the event of nuclear robotic war.

*Note: If you find yourself unprepared to commemorate the Terminator anniversary today (like you need to rewatch all the movies), don’t forget that there is another Judgement Day this October when Genisys goes online.

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Terminator 2 (but don’t forget the original Terminator, T3, Terminator: Salvation, Terminator: Genisys, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

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