Dr. Watson’s Birthday (7 July 1852)

Holmes (in deerstalker hat) talking to Watson (in a bowler hat) in a railway compartmentDoctor John Hamish Watson, best known as the partner/biographer of famous detective Sherlock Holmes, was born on this day in 1852. Sometimes he comes off as a lovable doofus, sometimes as a badass in his own right, but however he is portrayed we can all agree that Sherlock would not have been Sherlock without him.

How to Commemorate

  • Start a blog.
  • Get a new roommate.
  • Begin sentences with the words, “I say…”.
  • Make deductions based on observations (but be sure to get them wrong).

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The Complete Sherlock Holmes

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(There are really too many adaptations to list, so these are just some quick links to standard copies of the originals. As a sidenote, Sherlock Holmes was recently declared to be in the public domain, which means it’s easier than ever to get free digital copies.)